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We are eager to have you as part of Sunset Blues Radio

Technical Quality: 

All recorded material should have minimum studio qualities:
Due to the volume of materials that we are receiving without the minimum quality to be aired, we are no longer capable to work on fitting it into our standards:

a) Live or live-like songs, including acoustic performances, are no longer acceptable.

b) Sound normalization:
Sound Volume should be between 88 to 91 dB
Files should be in mp3 format at variable 192kbps
c) New material is sent to a group of artists linked to Sunset Blues Radio. They analyze vocal and instrumental performance. It works as an audition for the minimum artistic qualities required. 


1 · Send us an email in your name or your group name authorizing Sunset Blues Radio to play your songs, please make clear that there are no chargers on both parts and no time limits on your part for us to play your songs.

2 · Send your songs to us, we will not collect songs on general pages. if you need assistance to do that, please let us know.

3 · Please send voice promo or "drop" saying “Hello I am or We are”… (your name or your band’s name)  followed by something like: “ I or we are here at Sunset Blues Radio… etc ” 

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The Best Music On Air

You can broadcast one program a day or one program a week.
2 hours program: 120 minutes
Place Sunset's Blues Radio ID at the beginning of your program, at each 30 min, and the closure. 
Sunset Blues Radio is an Internet Radio. Therefore, the audience is global:
DJ can Comment on Blues music and blues stuff only.
No interviews should be inside of the programs without previous authorization from Sunset Blues Radio.
The program should avoid telling the hours, weather, dates, seasonal maters, and DJ location.
No contents and nothing else on: 
Political of any meaning,
Regionals matter, 
No religion.
Program submission 12 hours before the air time.