Sunset Blues Radio as a FREE Internet Radio


We believe that there a two right sides on free web radio.

In one hand, we are here as a channel, as promoters.
We use costly features and resources such as computers, electricity, facilities, software, Internet streaming, technical personnel etc.  All this expensiveness is there for the artists and for the public enjoyment for free.

On the other hand, we expect from the artists free and no kind of charges for promoting their work. Because, their benefits as well their profit, comes back to them many times better as their fame gets well supported around the world.

Sunset Blues Radio is owner supported, and listener funded through donations makes no profit and exists for the sole purpose of promoting and playing Blues music. No commercial revenue is derived from our audio stream.
All music featured on our audio stream has been purchased by Sunset Blues Radio or provided by the artist or a representative of the artist for airplay on Sunset Blues Radio and the enjoyment of the Blues community at large.

Any promotional material may be copyrighted although considered public domain at the time of posting.

Any request to have it removed from our audio stream or website by the copyright holders will be honoured on demand. To do so, please contact the station by emailing us The views and opinions expressed by the different DJ's, shows or programs that we broadcast are not necessarily the views or opinions of Sunset Blues Radio.

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